Why I Am Running


If you choose to send me to Columbia I will be a strong advocate for the following issues:

 Traffic: I will work tirelessly to end traffic nightmares with both immediate and long term fixes. Fixing the roads is just the beginning, we need a comprehensive plan on how to maintain our roads once we invest in them. Our traffic problems cannot wait years and years to be fixed.

 Education: For students who prefer working with their hands, schools need to focus on vocational and technological training (CTE) at the high school level which prepares them for the growing high skilled labor force we need in the area. We should also teach students who learn best by repetition something vastly needed today which is: "How to earn a solid living with a skill, a little business sense, and a good ole-fashioned tool belt."

 Safety: Providing much needed support and encouragement for our police, firefighters and EMT’s allowing them to do their jobs so that we can all live in a safer community. It is a fact that most officers are fair minded, outstanding members of the community and should not be judged by the poor decisions of a few. In the Senate, I will be a strong advocate for those who fight to keep our communities safe.

 2nd Amendment: As a lawyer, I understand the law and The Constitution. As your senator, I will work to defend The Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.

 Conservation: Being a good steward of our environment is important to my family and me. With urban sprawl creeping all over our state, it is important to preserve undeveloped land for future generations to enjoy. If elected, I would encourage more conservation easements.

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